Janelle Olson

Today I did 4 miles in honor of our fallen heroes. I did the ‘I Did the Grid’ run/walk in Northport, NY for Chris Scherer KIA Iraq 2008 .. Daren was one of the 4 service members on my bib. I thank him for his service and the ultimate sacrifice he and his family paid...

Phillip Ruiz

I had a pleasure to serve with LT.Hidalgo in Afghanistan. Even though I wasn’t in his Platoon, he still had an impact on myself and everyone in the unit. From the day he joined us at our Outpost, everyone enjoyed his down to Earth attitude. He wasn’t like the other...


Darren…thinking about you today, and what you did. I am very proud of your accomplishments! Remembering back to when I met you and everything was still so far away. Going back in tomorrow to start fresh! I know you will be there in spirit…


Hi Daren, thinking about you and your family a lot lately. Hope all is well where you are.

Miguel Maldonado

Daren was an awesome friend and teammate! He was definitely a role model to me when it came to our racquetball team at West Point. Daren always had a smile on his face and always help keep those around him happy. Remember him for the amazing man he was!